Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahmedabad Expat Birthday Party!!!

Two peas in a pod.
This is Bob's silly friend.
The birthday boy after Devesh was finished with him....

Devesh giving the cake to Bob!!
He just acts like he does not want it. He does.

Brotherly love...
Reasa and Devesh....

Bob with the band with his fancy shorts on-- make no mistake those are his fancy shorts.
The delightful band.....
This is Devesh having a guy jump up over the balcony to get the door open to Bob's place...All Devesh's idea...I said take the hinges off the door..

This the video of the Indian wedding band that we go to play for Bob. We could only stand it for about 10 mins. Listen and you will understand why.

On Saturday night we had a birthday and welcome back party for an expat, Bob. It was a lot of fun and plenty of expats showed. It was a surprise to Bob until I got there to decorate and his door was locked and he was asleep inside. So, we had to make our way in.

Devesh (aka the motivator) got me to toast Bob...and Bob sent me a wonderful thank you for that but what Bob doesn't know it that I could only get a few lines out as I was about to cry. Bob just means so much to me. It is like we have known each other in a prior life.

I want to say thank you for all the help that was given in preparation of the party. Thank you.


TravelinGranny said...

It was very hard to keep the secret, but I managed. I know that Bob really had a good time at the party. He loves it there, wish that I could have enjoyed it with all of you!


TravelinGranny said...

OH YA! Thanks for the pictures! Cake in Bob's face, PRICELESS!