Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rickshaw drivers may strike work on Tuesday

To protest the price rise by Adani Energy, autorickshaw drivers’ assn threaten to go on a three-day strike from Tuesday

Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau

Posted On Monday, October 18, 2010 at 02:20:50 AM

Auto drivers will stay off the city road from Tuesday if Adani Energy does not roll back Rs 2.10 price hike which has come into effect from Sunday midnight. The members of the Ahmedabad Autorickshaw Drivers Sangarsh Samiti have threatened to go on a three-day strike if its demand to withdraw the hike is not considered.

Adani Energy has increased the fuel price five times in last seven months which is very unfair, alleged the association members. “The company has introduced the hike suddenly, without intimating us which is quite unjust. This is for the sixth time that the prices have been raised without taking us in confidence. We survive on our daily earnings.

If the prices will soar like this, we will not be able to make both ends meet,” said Raj Sirke, vice- president of Ahmedabad Autorickshaw Drivers Sangarsh Samiti. Moreover, the price has been increased after election. It means that it was pre-decided, he added. “We do not want to hassle commuters but this is too much. Every two months, we face price rise. But this time, we have decided to protest,” Sirke added.

When contacted, an official of Adani energy said: “We have to hike prices of the gas because Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) has increased price. The GSPC officials told us that the decision was taken earlier but was held back due some reasons. They will also be raising their prices now.”

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ahh.. back to work

Hello, I have decided that I need to get back to blogging. I have missed it actually. I have done some traveling and have had a lot of fun, lately. Seems that in next weeks we will be traveling to close to the Pak border. That will be so incredibly cool. I will make sure I get lots of pictures and post them. I would love to go inside Pakistan just to get a look around.

For Christmas I will be hosting a Christmas party in which I am very excited about.

Things here in India have been pretty calm not excitement to speak of. The weather is pretty nice as well. The last day of the festival was today. I must say thank goodness because the music was so loud or I am just getting old. The Diwali holiday starts soon and that will make for some excitement as well. Just as a warning look out because everyone will be asking for money.

Business seem to be doing well right now here. I will post some articles in the next few days about how Ahmedabad is booming.

Anyway, that is all for now. I will be writing again really soon.