Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahmedabad Expat Travels to Kutch, India

old coins

Our Boat crew

Fishing Village

The boat

Recently, Ben and I traveled to Kutch, India. This is what I thought India would look like when I first arrived. It is nothing like Ahmedabad and for this Ahmedabad Expat it was a nice break. We went to to private beach in Mandvi, which was so quite and beautiful. I could have never dreamed that it could be so peaceful. At this beach there are "tents" that you can rent, kinda like hotel rooms, for the weekend. There are just a few of them and get this they are air conditioned! The bathrooms are big and clean. Showers. It was truly amazing that someone could do that with a tent. It is nothing like I had thought it would be. Also, we seen were they were building wooden boats by hand. These are not boats, these are actually ships. It takes them 3 years to build. Check out the pics ....enjoy.