Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, I guess my son and husband are happy for the next few days because I have an acute case of Laryngitis. I cannot talk and it sucks. Every time I swallow it is like a thousand needles in my throat. I have been told by the doctor not to talk. So, with that I guess I will be on here writing away.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Us together.
He says it feels nice!

Ben getting his feet cleaned by the fish.

Enough said.
My feet are the pretty ones!
Check this out. This is fish cleaning my feet! It felt so weird.

Fish feeding frenzy.
On a boat ride.
Us at Outback!!!!!
Ben getting nervous about how high we were.
See this is why there are no pictures of me. I look terrible I know!
Ben driving an antique car. Yes he is really driving!!!

Ben after the Flying Dragon.
Ben before the Flying Dragon (roller coaster).

Ben on the tea cup ride.
Beautiful waterfall.
Thousands of goldfish in a pond.
This is Ben sleeping after a long plane ride. If you could only hear the noise he makes when he sleeps. He kept me up all night.
Our first morning there. Enjoying Starbucks. Ben is having chocolate milk.
This is Ben seeing how tall he is. He was just a little short to right the big roller coaster.

This is Ben in line at the theme park.

These are all pictures from our recent trip to Malaysia. These reason there are not many of me is simple. I had no hairdryer!

We stayed at a theme park resort that was really pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Yes, I know my camera has the wrong date.....