Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahmedabad Expat Travels to Kutch, India

old coins

Our Boat crew

Fishing Village

The boat

Recently, Ben and I traveled to Kutch, India. This is what I thought India would look like when I first arrived. It is nothing like Ahmedabad and for this Ahmedabad Expat it was a nice break. We went to to private beach in Mandvi, which was so quite and beautiful. I could have never dreamed that it could be so peaceful. At this beach there are "tents" that you can rent, kinda like hotel rooms, for the weekend. There are just a few of them and get this they are air conditioned! The bathrooms are big and clean. Showers. It was truly amazing that someone could do that with a tent. It is nothing like I had thought it would be. Also, we seen were they were building wooden boats by hand. These are not boats, these are actually ships. It takes them 3 years to build. Check out the pics ....enjoy.


peter said...

I am hardik. I live near shyamal cross roads in ahmedabad. I just read some posts and found it interesting. Please keep posting update soon! I love to make inter-culatural contacts and friends.

About my self : I am a 17 yr teenager. I am in 1st sem. engineering college. I will be going to usa in aug. 2012 as a transfer student to complete my bachelor degree.( Penn state university) (due to an agreement between my uni. and penn state university)

Reasa Selph said...

Hello Hardik,

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Feel free to email.